By the Light of Embers (Shaylin Gandhi)

A poignant and powerful read, By the Light of Embers, by Shaylin Gandhi, is set in 1954 in the height of the Jim Crow era in the Southern United States. Lucia Lafleur has spent the last four years in Philadelphia attending university. On graduation, she and her best friend Gretchen Perry head south of the Mason-Dixon line to spend the summer in Bellefontaine, Louisiana at Lucia's parents home. With a backdrop of sprawling plantations and small town charm, Lucia's laidback summer plans quickly unravel around her.

Like Lions (Brian Panowich)

Clayton Burroughs is spiraling fast in the aftermath of having to shoot his own brother, in an act as the McFalls County Sheriff. As Clayton struggles to come to terms with his actions, and convince himself that he's not a murderer, he is also being forced to face his family history.